Tuesday, December 16, 2008



I had to go to the doctor yesterday. I have fought this cold/flu (whatever it is) for way too long now… Then it hit me like a ton of bricks all over again Sunday…Thank you Lord, the DR. gave me my blood pressure medicine and then a  coupon for a free asthma inhaler! Then my kindhearted pharmacist didn’t charge me a dime for two of the medicines! So I only had to pay for 1 of them and it was $8.99! All in all, I got 4 medicines free!!! THANK YOU GOD.


Wyatt had to be taken to the hospital the other night. He has bronchitis. He was given an antibiotic shot and now has a bad diaper rash from it. I will be so glad when he is feeling better. Please keep my little man in your prayers.

I want to thank Jeanette for helping me out, by posting about Judy’s tragic loss of her partner on her blog and also on the blog ; CALL FOR SUPPORT .

CALL FOR SUPPORT is a wonderful blog that plays an important part in directing us to those in need of emotional support….and we all have needed comforting words to cling to sometime in our lives…Kind words that let you know that you are not alone and that there are those out there that truly care. Thank you so much Jeanette.


Judy needs all the love and support she can get now. She had already lost her first husband and her 4 year old grandson in a car accident around 9 years ago. She was also a passenger in that accident too ... She had began to move on in her life and found a new love…one that was always there for her…one that shared her love for country and a variety of pets…and life was good again…Unfortunately that ended when a tragic accident took Tommy’s life in November. She just now felt up to writing her thoughts out.

When I lost Danny to a massive heart attack…I felt no need to go on living…my world collapsed that day and all it's color faded… What would have happened to me had I not been able to come here and pour my heart out to you…to my family….and have you all constantly writing to me, praying for me, and telling me in no uncertain terms that I MUST GO ON…I do not know.

Judy was one of you that wrote to me daily…begging me to not give up…for me to look at what she had come through…to believe that God was with me…and that life would one day start over for me and be good again…as it had for her. God bless her heart; she has once again lost her loved one  and she is back, lost  in the shadow of death. Please if you have not done so already, please go to her now and let her know that she is not alone…not as long as we are here to help. We never know what tomorrow will bring for us…We may be the one next time needing a comforting word and prayers.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know that the support of family and friends is so important when you loose a loved one. I wasn't on line and journals hadn't even started when I lost my husband but I had some dear family and friends that helped me get through it all. I did stop over to Judy's journal to offer some support. Thank you for caring too.
Call for support is one of the links in my jounal. 'On Ya'-ma

Missie said...

I'm glad you got the doctor. Poor little one, I'll keep him in my prayers that he feels better soon.

Donna said...

Seems like tragedy seems to stalk some folks. One of those things I'd like to ask about when I'm on the other side of Jordan.

Arlene (AJ) said...

So glad you went to the doctors to get your flu/cold checked out and got help with your medications. Hope your Wyatt is feeling better soon. Bless Judy and what she's having to deal with, my heart goes out to her, will go to her site to let her know she's in my thoughts and prayer. Take care of yourself dear.

Sheila said...

God bless your doctor and pharmacist. My prayers will go out for Judy, how tragic that she has to go through it again. Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

God provided for you through your doctor & pharmacist. That is truly a christmas story to tell. I will keep your little man in my Prayers, and you too. I hope you start feeling better yourself.

I didn't know Judy but I read her post through Call for Support and cried along with her. She is clearly devastated. The poor woman.

madcobug said...

I am glad that you and Wyatt are feeling better. Bless those Dr's who gave you free meds. I went over and left a comment for Judy. May God bless and be with her and the rest of Tommy's family. Hugs, Helen

Paula said...

Its sad to see a little guy like Wyatt sick. Hope he is feeling better soon. Glad you were able to get your meds without too much expense.

Joyce said...

I'm glad you got to the Dr. and got your meds without much expense. Hope the little guy is well soon also. Very sad about our fellow blogger Judy.
Hugs, Joyce

Celeste said...

So glad you went to doc and how wondeul about the meds.

Melissa said...

Carlene, I'm soo glad that you got such a great deal on your medicine! I hope you're soon back to normal. That Wyatt is so cute, I hope he's feeling better too!

Gerry said...

I hope that little guy is on the mend. Those nasty viruses are always scary when they are so young. I see that what you need so badly is coming your way. Gerry

lisa jo said...

I hope Wyatt is better now and i hope you are too....i am sorry to hear of your friend losing her husband. During the holidays, it can get overwhelming. Love you