Wednesday, July 20, 2016


                                                           07202016 mawmaw camp27jpg
Maw-maw camp has been going on for a few years now.  Every year, right before school starts back, I bring my grandchildren to my home to spend the night on Monday, and Tuesday and then they go home on Wednesday afternoon. This started when the first one was potty trained and has continued on with the other two grandchildren. Their mama gets a break and my grandchildren get to have a good time at Maw-maw’s house!
We have loads of fun and lots of good food….
                                      07202016 mawmaw camp5

The children get to practice their artwork …………..
                                       07202016 mawmaw camp20pg
                                         07202016 mawmaw camp15jpg
They have their Uncle Dan helping them………….
                                                              07202016 mawmaw camp24jpg
Showing them how to draw a good Mickey………..
                                         07202016 mawmaw camp24pg
They also get to play dress up … Willie LOVES being a clown!!  It doesn’t take much to make little chidlren happy! Give them each a basket and a few dollars and let them “shop” at Dollar Tree!
                                            07202016 mawmaw camp4
Wyatt learned to hide and be ready to defend himself from wild animals…(Coco loves chasing Wyatt and he had him cornered! It is so funny watching those two!!)
                                           07202016 mawmaw camp38
Kenzie used her Beautician skills to show Uncle Dan how to fix his hair….
                                             07202016 mawmaw camp14jpg
“Don’t take that bow out again Uncle Dan!”      (Using William’s sword! )
                                               07202016 mawmaw camp9jpg
Feeling refreshed after getting good cool baths………………
                                                    07202016 mawmaw camp30
After her bath, Kenzie got to sleep with Maw-maw with her baby doll………….
                                                    07202016 mawmaw camp7jpg
The last day is usually saved for a movie treat and no, they didn’t see Ghost Busters, they got to see “The Secret Life of Pets” and LOVED it! This was after the show…Willie didn’t want to leave!
                                                   07202016 mawmaw camp35 
All in all they had a great time…
07202016 mawmaw camp     07202016 mawmaw camp18pg    07202016 mawmaw camp3
Even if they did wear Uncle Dan out!
07202016 mawmaw camp16jpg