Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Estell Dunn was one of a kind and one of the hardest working women I've ever known. At one time, she was 80 years old and was still keeping up with us much younger ladies at the BBQ. She made the slaw, she made the tea, she made the sandwiches, (which she piled the BBQ on!) and she stirred the old black pot of Brunswick stew. 

Before she retired, she could pull 11 hour days as good as we could. I think people born in the 1920's were made from better stock than we baby boomers, because she never showed her age back then. She looked years younger than her true age and it wasn't because she had a life of luxury. 

Estell did not have the easy life of a child as children do in this day and time... She often talked to me about her being just a little child out in the cotton fields picking cotton under a hot Georgia sun, and being grateful when her parents told her to stop picking and go home and cook supper for the family. A supper she would cook on a hot wood stove. 

Later on, she would marry and have all her children at home except one. When I asked her why she chose to have one in the hospital, she told me that someone had told her it was easier having babies in the hospital! So she went to the hospital. I still laugh now thinking about how mad she said she was when she found out she still had to have every pain even in that hospital! 

Looking back through my first  journal, I found an old post I had written on Jan. 27, 2007 about something she once told me...

She loved Danny like a son and one day, a year after Danny had passed away, she was saying to me that Danny was probably up in Heaven fishing. I made the remark that I wish I was up there fishing with him. Man, did I hear from her about that! She said; "Hush your mouth child!! My husband been dead going on 22 years. He can go fishing and as far as that goes, he can go hunting up there all he wants to...but he better not come get ME to go with him! No! No! No! He better not even think that ESTELL is going with him, cause I want to be down here just a little while longer!"

Time passes so fast. Estell eventually retired from the BBQ, but we still kept in touch for a while. Sadly, later on, not so much, but I still sent her Christmas cards each year. I heard today that Estell passed away yesterday. She would have been 90 in August. I am so glad I got to know her and that God let her be in my life for a little while.
Rest in peace my friend and if you happen to see Danny, give him a hug from me please.