Sunday, January 29, 2012

SUNDAY, JAN.29, 2012

I got up this morning with a lightness to my soul.

As I walked the pups in the early morning mist, I pondered why I felt such ease, such calm...and nothing came to mind.

Later on, as I sat here at the computer checking on my friends and family, I could see the first rays of sun begin filtering in through my bedroom window blinds..and I thought, 'that must be it..the weather has turned out so nice here lately. More like Spring than the winter that we are suppose to be having', but still I had this little nudging..that there was more to it than that.

A little bit later, I went into the kitchen and began fixing me and Dan a bite of breakfast. I got the bread down, buttered it and placed it in my oven to toast while the skillet heated up for the bacon and eggs. I got my special little grits pot that I like to use and put some water and salt in it to boil for my Quaker Grits...real grits...not those instant things...

The thought that, 'Danny would climb out of the grave', had I used instant grits briefly flickered across my mind.

And that is when it hit me. Today marked the 6th year that Danny had been gone. He died on a Sunday, a Sunday that was in all aspects just like today. Just as we were on our way to lunch at the Waffle House, he had a massive heart attack...and in only a couple of hours, he was gone....way too soon.

We were suppose to grow old together.
Well, I got the breakfast cooked and placed on the table and by this time it was nearing 10:30 am so I hurriedly ate mine and placed a clean towel over Dan's plate. I went into my bedroom, changed clothes and headed out the door.

You see, it had came to me clear as a bell, that I needed to go to church..and when GOD calls, I listen...or at least, try my best to. And He had called me this morning..rang up my soul just as good as ... no, better... than if He had a high powered cell phone ringing it's number.

Even though I had gotten such a late start, I walked into Church at 10:55...a full five minutes before Church service was to begin. One of the first songs we sang out of the hymnal, was one my mama played on the piano almost every Sunday at Penfield Church when I was a little bitty girl on Horseshoe Bend;  'Love Lifted Me'.

(How fitting for today!)

Anytime I hear or sing these old hymns my mama played, it never fails to bring a peacefulness deep within me. How well I remember her letting me sit with her on that old piano bench, as she played in that little country church.

I couldn't have been much older than Wyatt or Will and she let me sit there with her the whole time she about being brave!

Today, when it came time for the Choir to go to their places, no one moved. Even the preacher's wife stayed seated next to me...whispering that her husband would be singing this morning.

The very first song he sang was; 'Knowing You'll Be There' , which speaks of getting to meet your beloved again and how much you have missed them here on earth. The next was, 'Go Rest High On That Mountain'...about how one suffers here sometimes, until their final day on Earth, when they can finally find peaceful rest.

When the preacher finished singing and stepped down from the alter, he stepped right up to where I was standing, and told me how he missed so much fishing with Danny...and how he missed him just being here. 

Then he told me how he had been having Danny on his mind when he chose those two songs to sing.

( I have been away from church for over a month now. When the preacher chose those songs, he had no inkling that I would be sitting in that pew today. )

But GOD KNOWS our future.
He plans it.

I firmly believe that God called to my soul this morning. I believe that He wanted me to be in His house, so I could remember His message...

His promise.

That though I will always miss Danny, we will see each other again one day...

'And in that day, there will be no more tears, no more suffering, no more pain and no more death.'

Oh Hallelujah!

To God be the Glory!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Am Home

It is strange when you think about it...having a home in Facebook Land. 

But I do...and you do too,  if you live amongst us.

I think of it as a virtual neighborhood...a place like "CHEERS". The sitcom about a bar, where you can 'go where everybody knows your name.'

Here in Facebook Land, I have good friends and family. Ones that are here to cheer me up when I am down, help me when I am in need and even pray for me when I am in need of a Higher Power.

I was at work when my daughter showed me a post by one of my friends. Sally had posted a picture that she took of me that day at the Bar-B-Que while she and her mom ate lunch. Underneath that post was over 40 comments...all from good friends and family who, without another thought, offered to donate money and even a free computer to help me come back home.

It amazed me to think that they care about Me...I am nothing special....just an old lady who was a little country girl who came from the poorest of poor...who yet still lives in a tiny rundown Milltown house on the wrong side of the tracks.

It touched my heart..made my soul know that there are yet still angels among us...that there are still good people in this world of ours and they are actually my friends and family... and all those people care about me. It made me cry, made me humble...made me want to strive to be a better, more caring person, like they are. It made me want to hug every last one of them.

It made me bow my head right there at my table at work and say a prayer thanking my Heavenly Father for all of them and asking Him to bless them all for their loving kindness.

Yes...I have a home in Facebook Land...and it is filled with angels....

And a secret Santa.

Thank God I am home.