Sunday, October 17, 2010



Wyatt loves the horsey his ‘Aunt Jady got him.

I didn’t go to church this morning. When I walked the pups before 7 am, it was cold as the dickens! I haven’t turned my old space heater on yet, so the house was chilly inside too…so I crawled back in bed under my covers!  Sure did feel good too and before I knew it, I was out like a light and the next thing I knew, it was nearly11:00! 


Wee Will…He is the embodiment of love!

Kelly came by today to see Dan. They had a good time talking out on the front porch and when they came in I had some lunch on the table…lunch being sausage, eggs, grits and biscuits…yeahbreakfast! It was pretty good and I finally convinced Kelly to eat with us! Kelly is one of the kids that came into our lives via our children….He is a good kid…yeah I know he is grown now, with children of his own,  but to me they are always our kids, no matter how old they get!


I cooked pinto beans, potato salad,hamburger helper and homemade biscuits for supper. (AND SWEET TEA) I made the cheesy enchilada hamburger helper for the first time and it was good…but I think I like the stroganoff the best . I don’t cook hamburger helper much, I usually cook regular meat dishes, but I had bought some boxes of it while it was on sale. I also had coupons for it, so I was able to save a lot…and  trust me, every bit helps.

Fall Wreath

So, I am sitting here watching SISTER WIVES. The TV just happened to be on TLC and this new show comes on. I don’t know about anyone else, but this kind of family life seems sort of crazy to me…To each his own..but when I see shows like this, I always wonder why there are no brother husbands? I mean…why is it that it is always the man that has extra wives and not the other way around?


     One morning earlier this month…

Not saying that I would agree with that lifestyle either, but it sounds to me like the men sort of get to have their cake and eat it too and the women don’t…they just have to sit around and watch their husband go out and “court” another woman and then bring her into the family. This just doesn’t seem right to me…in more ways than one. If these women want sisters…someone to share their lives and their children with…why not have a family sort of like the  TV sitcom GOLDEN GIRLS portrayed and kick the husband to the side?  Hey, since they have umpteen kids all combined, they could all pool their child support and live pretty good!!!


Seriously, I am so glad that Autumn has finally got here, me and hot weather do not get along. The leaves are falling, falling,falling and the mornings are very chilly. Every now and then, I hear the pecans from the old pecan tree out back hitting my tin roof and it ‘s a nice sound. I love the Fall… love it about as much as I love the Spring of the year.


Monday, October 11, 2010



For once; three sisters with their mama.

Is there anything more comforting than food that your mama use to cook for you? I find it so odd that the food that we had almost daily, is the exact food that I crave when the world turns upside down and I am wondering how much longer I can hold on.

Tonight I cooked blackeyed peas and cornbread for mine and Dan’s supper…I had started ‘looking’ some dry pinto beans when Dan, sitting across the table from me, said, “Mama, are those blackeyed peas???” I knew instantly that he was wanting  peas instead, so I put some water over the pinto beans to cook later on tomorrow, and began ‘looking’ the blackeyed peas.

(For those who don’t know; looking is the act of  looking through the dry beans/peas for any tiny rocks, dirt, etc. to get rid of before washing and cooking…something I was taught to do once married and cooking for my own little family)

My mama made the best blackeyed peas!  Usually when she had them for supper, she also cooked collard greens and cornbread to go along with them. Just ask Dan and he will tell you that his GRANDMA LINDSEY cooked the BEST blackeyed peas and collards!  He tells me that I come close, but hers is and always will be the BEST!  (I think ALL her grandchildren would say the same thing if asked!  That’s okay by me, because it is the truth!)

1003001543b 1003001543

Kay, Mama’s oldest grandchild, came home for the first time in years. Kay is not only my niece, but also my hero…a very brave and strong Christian lady.

The loss of Laura Ashley has cut our hearts and added a new scar. I can’t and won’t talk about it now, it is too sad…. but her loss has me pondering about a lot of things. If any good came out of her death,it is that it brought family back together.

I’ve been looking way back and thinking about how my life has played out so far and have been regretting the many mistakes I have made. I’ve been wondering why things happen the way they do and what I would do differently if only God would give me a chance to go back in time…

 I know that I would…

Truly honor my parents…Oh,  I learned the ten commandments back in my early childhood, but it wasn’t until I got much older, with  children of my own, that I fully understood what the word HONOR meant. I know now that it goes right along with r-e-s-p-e-c-t… and if I had the chance today, I would do al lot more honoring and respecting  and I would wrap my arms around my parents and tell them how much I appreciate all the sacrifices they made for me. Sacrifices that I didn’t even notice at the time.


Isn’t she beautiful?? My cousin; who will always be “Baby Helen” to us…thanks to my mama.

I would sit down with my Granny and both my parents and ask all about their childhoods and their lives and I would write it all down,  so that when I became my age now and my children wanted to know,  I wouldn’t have to worry about having forgot it.

I would  put my all into being a good student. Oh, I did pretty good in school…but I was so lazy when it came to putting my all into it. So, if given the chance, I would sit in every class, everyday and be a virtual sponge soaking up all the knowledge that was thrown my way….and if I didn’t understand some bit of  information, I would be brave enough to hold my hand up and ask .

I would care less of what others thought of me and strive to please GOD more. I would be brave enough to laugh in the face of those silly girls in grade school who  wouldn’t play with me or teased me about being poor….

For poor I was not…

I was rich in what mattered most.

 I had love.