Wednesday, March 24, 2010



These are the daffodils that Danny helped me plant in our back yard. You can always tell when Spring arrives…just watch for the daffodils along side the roads and in the pastures. We  had a beautiful spring day here  in N.E. Georgia today. It is still a warm 75 degrees here at 5:05 pm.

And along with Spring flowers comes the Spring thunderstorms….like a few weeks ago…


Afterwards;  we saw  God’s eternal promise….


And this time,

He gave us  a double rainbow!

Wyatt and William are growing like little weeds!

Wyatt is learning more and more words and even beginning to put them together into sentences. His favorite foods right now are spaghetti ABC’S  and mini meatballs, corn, green beans, sweet peas and carrots, fruit cups of peaches, pears or mixed fruits, brown and serve little sausage links, the little fruit flavored gummy snacks, and Yogo bits.  Just getting him to slow down long enough to eat is a chore.  He doesn’t like eggs very much at all!  He is also running now…which is so funny to watch! He is so short that his whole little body gets into it, twisting and turning , but running none the less ! He is also developing his own little attitude…and sometimes that can be the attitude with a capital A! lol When his ‘Uncle Dan’ pesters him too much by calling his name while he is busy playing, he will stop what he is doing and turn to look at Dan, point his finger at him and say, “stop!” 

Then there are the times, that he will stop what he is doing and come climb up in my lap and hugs me or lays his little head on my chest…. giggling and calling me ‘Maw-Maw’ while patting my face….

and melts this old woman’s heart when he does that….I would walk on hot coals for this child.

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Wyatt loves to help…especially if it is man’s work that his daddy is doing…“I help daddy, I help!” is what he kept saying when he wanted to help shovel the gravel into my driveway! That shovel was heavy and he managed to pick it up and use it!


He still absolutely loves tractors and big trucks…


and little brother is starting to get in on the action!


          LITTLE   WILL


Little Will is quickly becoming Big Will!!!  Unlike his brother, he has a super appetite and loves to eat anytime you will let him!  He loves squash, carrots…

and sweet potatoes…lol



He has out grown most of his 0-3 month clothes and is now getting into the 3-6 month clothes.  He loves to be held by his mama and loves for anybody to talk to him. He is cooing and smiling and actually babbling out loud already. I believe he is going to be a little talker! He is also trying to sit upright by himself…and loves to look around when you hold him up. His hair is coming in and I believe he is going to be a strawberry blonde like his mama use to be when she was little … his hair is very light colored. He has his mama’s dark blue eyes too, while Wyatt has his daddy’s crystal blue eyes. Will too, just like his big brother, is a very loving child…and has his grandma’s heart in his little bitty hands already.

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Since I have been on Facebook, I find that I am letting the time that I post here in my journal get longer and longer…and that needs to change. Years from now, this journal will be a reminder of past times in my family’s life, and it needs to be updated more often…which I am going to try to do…Seems like everyday life just gets in the way and there is never enough time for everything I need to get done. ( For instance, I have got to set aside a day to go get my eyes checked again and get new glasses, since it has been years since I last got them.)

Here are my grown children….


Amanda with Will  today

And below; Dan sitting on the tail gate with his cousin Jody,  last week.


And lastly….



I hate taking pictures...I always look so dopey!

Ok…I have finally updated…

Now lets see how long it will take me to get another post in here!