Wednesday, August 19, 2009


                        GOODMORNING it is ….another year that I have been upon this earth, and though I have climbed up  many slippery mountains and been down to the very valley of defeat and despair, I am still grateful to be here God…and I Thank You.

I think back to how hard it must have been for my mama to carry me during the hottest of summer months down here in Georgia. Now, I had Dan in August so I know how hot you get. Pregnancy can be a strain on any woman, but she had to do it with no running water….no air-conditioning…only a little bitty fan that osculated a little air around in a very tiny space….Heck, come to think of it, I’m not even sure she had that fan, which is the only one we had as a child. Back when she was pregnant with me, there may not have been any fan. God bless my mama for all the hard times and struggles that she went through trying to raise all us six children in those days. I am totally sure we have not yet made up for even a tiny fraction of her pain and misery.

Sunday evening we had a very hard down pour of rain and a very bad thunderstorm which lasted on into the night. Monday morning, I awoke to find all my tomato vines, still in their pots, laying over on the ground. My tomato vines were slap full of tomatoes and I lost 99% of them. I picked up over 90 green tomatoes from the ground:


The vines were all broken apart…

This is the way they use to look:


and this is how they look now….after me and Dan cleaned them up; saving what we could.


As you can see, I also lost one whole pot. Made me want to cry. I was so proud of my tomatoes…maybe too proud…They say “Pride goeth  before a fall”, don’t they? Well, they sure fell.

I brought all the green tomatoes into the house and washed them up. Then I started slicing them. Amanda fried a few for us for breakfast and they were so good.  Yes…breakfast!!! lol


Thank goodness I remembered that I found out that you could freeze them…so I froze the rest of the slices in ziplock freezer bags. Needless to say, I had a lot of bags to put into  my freezer. We won’t be giving out anytime soon.

Amanda  and Kelvin gave me and Dan a surprise birthday party Sunday afternoon. Dan’s birthday was August 16th and mine is today, so she combined them into one big party. We have family, Jady and David,  with birthdays in August  and they were included also. Kelvin cooked pork chops on the grill and Amanda fixed some awesome baked beans and potato salad…Some of mine and Dan’s favorite foods. Oh…and she made boiled peanuts for Dan!!! He was so happy! She did good and I am proud of both her and Kelvin for showing us how much they love us. I wish I had thought to get some pictures.

Here is a picture of my newest little grandson-to-be…


He is due on Dec 28, 2009. That is also Amanda’s ( his mommy’s) birthday and my mama’s awesome is that????  They may take him earlier though since she will have to have a c-section..but just knowing his due date is on their birthdays is very special. That would be three generations on one day.

Here are some pictures of my first little grandson…who has his grandma wrapped around his little fingers and toes…


Sucking a sucker a very special friend sent to him!


He won’t let go of his sucker long enough to play! lol


With his Uncle Dan…look at that pout! lol


Watching the doggies…


On a riding toy grandma got for him yesterday! He got right on it as soon as he saw it!  He loves riding toys! He is walking good now and is climbing onto everything like a little monkey!  Needless to say, he is getting lots of knots on his little head.  He busted his lip Monday trying to climb onto the chair top! TRUST ME…HE IS ALL BOY!!!

I went to Good-Will  yesterday while in Athens, and look what I found for just $1.61 ….it was so cute that I couldn’t pass it up. I see where it takes batteries in the pumpkin, so I will be going to get some today.


Well, I have got to go see my mama today, so I best be getting up from here and getting ready….

Take care my friends….



Sunday, August 9, 2009




I am  so  bored…. I never thought I would use that  child-like expression. I guess that it’s a good thing to be bored in a way….Think about it…If you are bored , then you have no immediate big or tragic problems in your life.

Oh sure, I have lots of problems ; a 13 year old car that needs replacing, no money to replace it with, bills out of the Y-ZOO that I will have to work till I die to pay,  and a refrigerator that has been a pain in the butt since I bought it new three years ago…just to mention a few of the monetary problems of my life…but I have no immediate life or death problems ( that I know of anyway) and for that I am grateful God…. prayer38


But I am still b-o-r-e-d.

As I was thinking this morning, I know what it is

When Danny was alive; we use to get up on the days that I didn’t work and get in the car and ride the country roads…or go fishing in the boat or on the bank of the lake….or go grocery shopping or ride to the nearby  mountains…or visit friends and family….or just talk….to each other.



Oh sure, I could still do most all of that by myself …( if I had the “want to”) , but I know it wouldn’t be the same without Danny there with me… The fun, the excitement and the wonder that we experienced together wouldn’t be there either….so….

I am left with being bored.

I do not go to see Amanda or Wyatt on Sundays, because that is the only day that she and Kelvin and Wyatt have alone together as a family…


Wyatt in my old tin tub last week.

So, I spent today alternately playing Farm Town on Face Book and taking naps. There is something sort of sad and pitiful about a 55 year old woman having to play Farm Town for company isn’t it?

Oh, I didn’t lollygag around all day…I got up around 6:30 am  and swept the floors, made the bed, washed the clothes, mopped the floors,  picked the tomatoes, walked the dogs, (45 times it seems), washed the front porch off,  washed the car, did the dishes, took a shower, and eventually cooked supper. ( We had fried green tomatoes, great northern beans, fried okra, hamburger patties and gravy…and sweet ice tea)

So no, I didn’t just sit here staring at the walls.carleneDs Designs Change           


You know…

I guess what I am truly feeling is alone and empty

Like part of me is missing

And it is.

Yes, that’s the right word…